Most of my couples book their wedding photography approximately 1-2 years in advance.  However, on this occasion Julie and Adrian had been let down by their original photographer and so didn’t make contact with me until just a few weeks before. Luckily, as they had chosen a weekday to get married, I was still available to cover their big day. I headed over to the hotel early in the morning to capture Julie’s bridal preparations.

The bridal suite at the Nottinghamshire Golf and Country club has been recently refurbished and is blessed with gorgeous natural light. Once Julie was ready, I awaited Adrians arrival and took the opportunity to capture several images of Adrian and his Best Man together. The ceremony itself was beautiful. The ceremony room was equally filled with incredible natural light  and it was clear to see just how much Julie and Adrian loved each other. After the ceremony, the guests were offered canopes and refreshments, and we headed off in a golf buggy to spend some time creating natural, relaxed portraits of the couple. The Nottinghamshire really does have an incredible range of photo opportunities.

By the time the wedding breakfast was finishing, it had begun raining pretty hard and my hopes for a sunset were fading. However, my eager eye spotted a moment when the rain temporarily eased, and the clouds broke into the most amazing orange colour. I found Julie and Adrian who were only too happy to quickly head outside. I truly love the images from this wedding, here are a few of my favourites.