It has been a little while since I last worked with Liam. He’s an incredible male model based locally in Mansfield. After some chatting, for this session we decided to head to Skegness to capture some seaside images for his portfolio. There’s so much variety on the coastline, from the structure of the pier, to the grassy heathland that surrounds the area, to the beach itself. When we arrived, the sun was bright so we headed to find some shade under the pier. After a little while, we decided to break for Fish and Chips in the hope that we would be treated to a glorious sunset as the day drew to a close. The plan worked perfectly, and we finished our dinners just as the sky turned the most incredible shades of pinks, purples and deep oranges. A quick scramble to change outfits, and we’d gone from a casual street look under the pier, to suited and booted in the sunset. A fabulous session all around – here’s a few of the images.
Note, if you’re interested in working with Liam, you can book him directly here ….