Every now and again when I’ve ordered new equipment,  I like to arrange a short session where I can experiment and find out exactly what it’s capable of. The purpose of this session was to experiment with some new filters – these fit over the end of a lens and allow the photographer to dramatically (or subtly) change the look and feel of an image. I’ve photographed with Olivia before, a couple of years ago now with her Dance partner, so got in touch with her Mum to see if they would be interested in photographing some test images.  This time, it was Olivia with her younger sister.  We headed to a local park and created some portraits. I really love these results. As an added caveat, I photographed some of these images on traditional black and white film – have a go at working out which ones are on film and which ones are digital and let me know your guesses in the comments!

If you are looking for a family and child portrait photoshoot in Mansfield or the surrounding areas please send me a message. I’d love to discuss your plans in more detail.