One of my favourite things about being a photographer is watching children and families grow.  By my calculation, it’s roughly 4 years since I first photographed this family, and i’ve worked with them on several occasions since then. This year, we headed out into the local Nottinghamshire woodland to make the most of the glorious bluebells. There’s a certain mystery surrounding bluebells which I just adore. Maybe it’s the fact that they lay silently underground for 11 months of the year before swiftly popping up in all their glory only to disappear once again a few weeks later. Maybe it’s wondering why they’re called ‘bluebells’ when most people see then as purple. Either way though, they’re utterly stunning and in my opinion, wandering through a woodland that has been carpeted in purple is one of natures greatest sights. We had so much fun photographing this session, and created some gorgeous memories for the family to add to their albums.

family-bluebells-photoshoot-mansfield-nottingham (2)

If you would like a family photoshoot in Nottingham or Mansfield, why not send me an email for more information. I’d love to create some memories for you too!