Each year I like to sit down and figure out a list of themes or concepts that I would like to photograph throughout the year. The idea is that each one will push my photographic boundaries in some way and in doing so force me to discover new techniques and styles.  My first project for 2018 was to shoot a mini series of images taking inspiration from the concept of ‘Film Noir’.    ‘Film noir’ is a gritty, black and white style of cinematography that was common in 1920-1950s crime dramas. Think very deep shadows and lots of atmosphere & suspense. After putting out a casting call for Models over on facebook,  I set to work trying to figure a way of recreating the lighting patterns, and sourcing some period costumes and props before finalising and photographing the sessions.  Here’s some previews of the final results.

Note,  if you’re or your children may be interested in working with me on future projects please  do send me an email with a few details. I’ll be in touch if i’m working on anything suitable 🙂

film noir concept photoshoot mansfield nottingham