As you’ll know if you follow my blog, most of my sessions have a story of some form that go alongside them. This shoot was originally planned as a Christmas present for Lisas’ parents. I used to work with Lisa many years ago before becoming a full time photographer, and she got in touch to explain the plans and discuss options. One of the biggest challenges with large family sessions is logistics – physically getting everyone in the same place at the same time for the shoot!  With everything arranged and a date set I was eagerly looking forward to catching up with everyone and creating memories. Like all well made plans though, at the last minute a couple of the group found out they weren’t going be able to come home on leave from the army as expected, and it would be the new year before the session could take place!  We rapidly arranged a new date and I sent Lisa a gorgeous gift card so she had something to give to her parents on Christmas Day explaining the circumstances. Roll forward a month and we finally managed to shoot the big group image of the entire family for Lisa’s parents. The finished wall art bespoke frame looked fantastic and i’m sure will be enjoyed for years to come. Here’s a few of my favourite images from the session.


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