Children refuse to stop growing! One moment they’re  a one day old new born, and the next they’re a teenager with attitude. Parents often say they wish there was a way to ‘freeze time’ and a photo shoot of your children is one way to do that. For me, a great child photo shoot is about capturing more than a photo. It’s about that cheeky little grin and the way they laugh and giggle at that ‘naughty word’. It’s about the loving relationship between siblings and it’s about the excitement of exploring the world around them. In my experience, Children love the freedom to run around, have fun and be themselves.  However, if your child is shy or having an ‘off day’ don’t panic! I’ve photographed hundreds of children and have an abundance of patience. I work hard to make sure all of my child photo shoots are fun and engaging and have a series of games and activities that will get the very best from your kids. All of my sessions are tailored to your individual needs. We’ll discuss the things your child likes to do, the places they like to go and then tailor your photo shoot to suit.  By taking these extra steps, I’m able to freeze moments into memories that can be treasured for a lifetime.

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