It may well be the case when you book your session with me that it’s the first ‘professional photo shoot’ you have ever booked. It’s even more likely that it could well be the first photo shoot you have booked outdoors and not in a studio environment. It’s natural therefore that you have many queries and concerns about what actually happens during the shoot, and what you should bring along on the day. I’ve put together this little guide to help you understand the timeline of a photoshoot. I’ll always chat through any concerns you may have and work with you to make sure you’re as prepared and relaxed as possible.

Step 1 – Before the photo shoot

Before the day itself, i’ll send you an email containing lots of helpful advice on preparing for your session. This will include things like choosing what to wear, and how to get the most out of your session. I’ll also send you a copy of my full product price list so you can see in advance all of the beautiful products you will be able to order following your shoot. Finally, a couple of days before the session we’ll have a quick chat to finalise arrangements and get to know each other a bit better.

Step 2 – The session itself.

Wherever possible we’ll arrange to meet somewhere that’s easy to find and that has good parking. I start by getting to know everyone attending the shoot, maybe with a quick coffee or maybe while we’re enjoying a little walk. Only once everyones settled down will I begin to photograph. I’ll direct you into the best areas for light and backdrops, and suggest little games or activities you may wish to enjoy. However, I won’t ‘micro-pose’ you. The aim of the session is to get natural, and authentic images so just be yourself. I’ll take a step back and give you room to spend time together. This is your chance to spend an hour or so enjoying each others company. If the kids are having a bad day don’t panic. I’m super patient and pride myself on being able to get the best out of everyone. At the end of the session i’ll take 5 minutes to quickly run through some paperwork and explain what happens next.

Step 3 – You Relax.

You can rest in the knowledge that you have invested the time to create great memories. I’ll go away and sort through the photos, before hand editing and perfecting each one. Once your images are ready, we’ll arrange a suitable time to meet up and review the images together.

Step 4 – The viewing.

We’ll first watch a quick cinematic presentation of all the images from your session before I’ll offer help and advice on choosing your favorites. I’ll bring with me samples of the gorgeous products I offer, and will be available to offer you guidance on choosing the products and images which suit your requirements best. At the end of the viewing i’ll take your order and send your chosen images to be lovingly crafted into works of art by my skilled partners. As soon as your products are ready, i’ll be in touch to make arrangements to deliver them. That’s it. They’re yours to enjoy forever.

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