Alongside my day to day work as a portrait and wedding photographer,  wherever possible I like to try and take part in a number of  competitions and projects throughout the year either as part of the Guild of Photographers, or as set by my mentor.  One of my most recent projects was surrounding the ‘Flaws of Perfection’. One of the challenges with these themed projects is to try and relate them to a portrait based scenario. After much head scratching, I finally settled on the idea of Auburn hair.  So, how are ‘Flaws of perfection’ and ‘red hair’ related? Anyone that knows me well enough will know that I have a particular love of red hair. For me, Auburn hair is pretty much perfect. Maybe it’s because of its rarity (less than 2% of the population are Ginger), maybe it’s because people with Ginger hair have a hidden superpower to produce Vitamin D even when there is no sun? or maybe it’s because Ginger hair just photographs so well! However – genetically speaking – Ginger hair is not a perfection. In fact, it’s a genetic flaw. Chris is one guy blessed with Ginger hair. After exchanging a few messages we agreed to meet one evening and shoot the project. Here’s a few sneaky peeks!

I want to say a massive thanks to Chris for helping with this project. Searching for Ginger subjects was far harder than I ever anticipated, and whilst I lined up a female relatively easily (you can see those images here), finding a male willing to take part was more of a challenge.  Do keep an eye on the blog for updates to this project.