As a portrait and wedding photographer, I always get super excited when companies release new or updated equipment that can improve both my efficiency as a photographer, and the end result for the customer. Recently, I bought some new lighting equipment – the Godox AD200. This excited me because it has the potential to provide the power of a studio light, in the form of a small flash unit. Wow! As with all new equipment, I like to thoroughly test it before putting it permanently into my kit bag. Liam Giddy is a local model who was happy to help me with testing. We arranged to meet up in town one evening and set about trying the AD200’s various features and functions. There were a couple of little niggles and quirks I wanted to go back and read up on, but on the whole I was mightily impressed. Thanks Liam, I look forward to working with you again in the future.

If you’re a model in need of updates, or would like to get involved in any projects I’m working on, please drop me a message for more information.